Project Description /Overview

NYA performed the Structural Evaluation for OSHPD compliance on UCSD Medical Center Hospital (Hillcrest) in 2000. Due to the results, a seismic upgrade was necessary. With NYA's use of advanced technology/analysis and carbon fiber wrapping reinforcement of columns, the building received a rating of SPC 2 from OSHPD thus extending its lifespan through 2030. The UCSD Hillcrest Facility consists of several buildings constructed under various time periods. The hospital maintained daily operations during construction.


List of Upgrades provided by NYA
• NPC-3 upgrade of the main hospital tower (2010)
• SPC-5 upgrade of the existing central plant enclosure (2010)
• Renovation of the following departments:
• Angiography Suite (2008)
• Inpatient MRI (2009)
• Labor/Delivery/Recovery (2009)


UCSD Hillcrest Medical Center Main Patient Tower, San Diego (2000)
• SB1953 seismic upgrade from SPC-1 to SPC-2 rating.
• Applying advanced "fiber reinforcing" technology of ten column members, the building is classified as SPC-2 with minimal intervention. Fully occupied during the two months of construction, costs were less than one-tenth of the original shear wall schemes.
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