Project Description /Overview

This new expansion added approximately 70,000 sq. ft. of usable space than existed in the buildings previous configuration. The new space is used for interior concourse space which includes concession space, merchandising, and ticketing. The concourse is enclosed with new steel frames on three sides and a curtain wall on the west. Two new basement levels to the north of the building have also been added. The new steel framing used as the fasade also provides structural support for the roof of the Pavilion Club space. The steel truss creates an 11,000 sq. ft., column free club space for maximum flexibility. The lowest basement level includes new locker rooms for the home team. The locker rooms in the north building are connected to the court level through two new tunnels below the existing stadium seating. The existing structure was underpinned during construction for the proposed work to the north. "Surgical" structural modifications were made to the interior bowl seating which provided 1,000 additional seats, merchandising space, concession space, and created more floor area by increasing head clearances, modifying door openings and infilling existing openings.


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