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Challenges and Solutions:

Collaborating with Rafael Viñoly Architects, NYA is currently designing this 825,000sf state-of-the-art replacement hospital on the Stanford campus. Stanford wanted the architectural and structural systems to allow for modularity and future flexibility, therefore, the building consists of four 145ft square pods that spring up from a three-story podium. Additional pods can be added relatively easily in the future should hospital opt to expand. The architectural design is focused around the patient experience, with all rooms located around the perimeter, with a central courtyard/water feature in the center of the building and an extensive landscaped terrace at the 3rd level. Additional architectural features include a 30ft wrap-around cantilever at patient towers and a 120ft column-free shallow grid shell glazed dome over the lobby. The client's desire for enhanced seismic performance to minimize damage and downtime following a major seismic event, led to the use of seismic isolation with a steel moment frame superstructure for the lateral system.


Benefits of Isolation

The benefits of base isolation for this particular building are many and include: This project is currently in design and is being delivered in Revit and is to be LEED Certified.


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