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Project Description /Overview


This project consisted of a 109,000 sq. ft., two story library above a 255,000 sq. ft., three level subterranean parking garage. The roof framing is a concrete filled metal deck supported by steel beams. Typical floor framing consists of two-way concrete slabs supported by concrete columns. The lateral system above grade consists of perimeter concrete basement walls.


The 109,000 sq. ft. library in downtown Santa Monica incorporates raised-floor air distribution, rooftop storm water collection systems, a 10-kW solar photovoltaic installation, significant daylighting strategies, and seamless urban integration. This program includes book stacks, offices, a museum, a 150-seat auditorium and community rooms, and a spacious courtyard in the middle of the building. Opened to the public in January 2006, the Santa Monica Main Library attracted over a million visitors in the first year.
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