Nabih Youssef Associates (NYA) places great importance on the collaborative process because it is where challenges are first met and where innovation arises out of complex ideas and dialogues. Teamwork is a critical orientation within the design profession, and although one can revel in good architecture, success and notoriety comes principally through a shared commitment to the craft of
good architecture.


Within this context of collaboration, creativity evolves by capitalizing on the intrinsic structural attributes of any formal idea. The sky is the limit for structural concepts and ingenuity, but most engineering challenges should be shaped by the idea embedded in the architectural form. Creativity is vital, for an innovative structure has the means not only to organize architecture visually, but also to rationalize the foundation of a greater idea. At the level of building, the collaborative process is the fusion of aesthetics and structure.


NYA has spent many years contributing to the development of earthquake codes and standards. This experience has become another means to breaking down barriers. By being so closely aligned with the purpose and direction of fundamental principles, they become creative inputs into the design process rather than harsh constraints. This commitment not only helps the community at large, but also bestows a comfortable foundation on which to practice innovative and sound structural design. What is always at stake are larger, more fundamental issues that have to do with bettering our society in the built environment.
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