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The 80-story tower has only an interior shear wall "tube" core which reaches to nearly 850 feet above the street. This exceeds prescribed code limitations by more than 600 feet for such systems.


Of the many challenges associated with the 40-story hotel and residential tower, the five-story "urban window" beneath the bridge is the defining feature of the structure. It requires that the "bridge" be built starting eight stories above the street supported by the tower at the west end and a narrow abutment at the east end.




For the 80-story tower, a state-of-the-art, performance-based design approach using non-linear time-history analysis is being used to satisfy performance objectives. This rigorous methodology allows for a superior cost-effective structural design in comparison to prescriptive code requirements, but also yields the benefit of improved structural efficiency, improved reliability and performance under extreme seismic demands. This methodology is also used in the design of the 40-story structure and bridge.


For the 40-story hotel and residential tower, a 110-foot span, story-high truss that houses a hotel amenity floor at the bridge lower level is being used. It allows for a working construction platform to build the remaining guest floors. The bridge is capped by another truss level that houses a recessed pool and garden terrace while providing additional space for mechanical and pool-related equipment.
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