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Project Description

Madame Tussaud's wax museum is in the heart of Hollywood at the Intersection of Hollywood Blvd. & Orange Ave. There are three levels of attraction space with 19'-8" story height above grade and two levels of parking below grade. The central Hollywood setting called for avant-garde design and consequently resulted in very irregular geometry and curved architectural features. This project consisted of sloping and transferring curved CMU (concrete masonry unit) block walls and columns, and complex geometry and architecture which made it a challenge for NYA. Creative solutions were provided to meet the buildings requirements.


The Gravity System consisted of steel framing and composite metal deck above grade. Several columns transfer load on concrete beams at Level 1 and two columns slope 6 deg; for the entire height of the building. There is a concrete flat slab system below grade, and stud rails were used where punching shear was a problem.


The Lateral System consisted of curved non-load bearing CMU shear walls and steel ordinary concentric braced frames (OCBF) for the smaller roof structures. Most BF columns transfer loads occur at Level 3, and W 33x beams were used at these locations. For the foundation, spread footings were used.
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