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Project Description /Overview

NYA provided the structural engineering for the new construction of this five-story courthouse in Long Beach, which will house 31 courtrooms, court administration offices, Los Angeles County lease space, and retail leasable space. The building also includes below-grade secure inmate transfer facilities, detention facilities, and separate secure parking areas for judges. A five-level great room atrium serves as the single entry point for the public and provides access to a secured central courtyard.


This is the first Public Private Partnership delivery method in California, and the first social infrastructure project in the United States procured under the principles of Performance-Based Infrastructure (PBI) contracting. The Judicial Council of California (JCC) will own the building, and the Superior Court of Los Angeles County will occupy approximately 80% of the space.


The project aims to deliver a secure, modern, LEED Silver certified court facility that complies with AOC's enhanced seismic performance criteria, including the requirements of the California Trial Court Facilities Standards and AOC's project- specific Performance Standards.


The project also exhibits a series of architecturally and structurally intensive features, including suspended interior pedestrian bridges, extended cantilever roof features, and tension cable glass curtain walls.
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