PROJECTS > CIVIC/ SPORTS > Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral - Los Angeles, California


Although the building is essentially two stories, 150 feet tall, it has multiple roof diaphragm levels and shapes. The architectural features of the design (i.e. exposed concrete, tall, slender walls and an abundance of alabaster glass) placed exceptional demands on the structural design and construction.


It was also a challenge to preserve the robust design, the function and the integrity of the sanctuary within the budget for an extended building life period.



With the use of advanced analysis, design methods and Material Sciences Technology, NYA developed creative solutions and methodology to transform performance goals to quantifiable engineering parameters.


Moment curvature analysis was performed to assess cracking at Design Basis Earthquake (DBE) displacement, and several different stress-strain models for concrete tension behavior were created. Rational interpretation of code requirements for shear wall detailing considering response modifications of non-linear wall behavior of this unique system provided in-depth understanding and considerable cost-savings.


To mitigate concrete cracking by design, a concrete mix was developed to reduce
long-term deterioration, polypropylene fibers were added to interrupt propagation of cracking and concrete mock-ups were fabricated to simulate different aspects of the walls.
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