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Architects Machado and Silvetti designed an arrangement of new buildings on a hillside in the Pacific Palisades that represents an archeological excavation harmonizing modern architecture with the Getty Villa's original Roman-style house. This project involved converting the existing site into a new center for the study of classical antiquities, archeology and comparative ancient cultures.


One of the goals of the new construction was to create outdoor plazas and indoor spaces resulting from an excavation of the existing museum, revealing layers of earth, or strata that formed the basis of design. The aesthetic desire was to create concrete walls and floors that appeared as if they were part of a stratum.


Other challenges included preservation and strengthening of exterior detailing work. The important artwork also needed seismic protection, as it included sizeable relics both along the walls and on the floor.




NYA performed structural analysis, design and detailing to control flexural cracking of concrete due to differing load combinations. Adequate stiffness to limit the amount of flexural deformation, as well as a substantial amount of quality control was required to be able to mitigate the concrete cracking of the architecturally exposed walls and allow for durability of the structures. A special reinforced concrete specification was written to provide more stringent quality control for several aspects of the design. Several concrete mix designs were provided that allowed for proper hydration of the concrete and a shrinkage-reducing admixture was added to limit the amount of shrinkage cracking on the exposed walls.


To preserve and strengthen exterior detailing work and provide seismic protection for the artwork, NYA designed wall mounting devices and floor stands as isolated seismic support systems.
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