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Project Description / Overview

Poly Canyon Village is made up of 9 four to five story residential apartment buildings, approximately 992,000 sf total, designed using load-bearing light gage steel framing. The lateral systems of the buildings were designed using light gage Sureboard shear walls. Specific buildings were designed using reinforced concrete slabs, walls and columns at the podium level. The complex includes 618 furnished apartment units, surrounding a central plaza with food and retail stores. The complex also includes a conference room, seminar room, recreation center with swimming pool, study rooms, full kitchens, laundry units, and two parking structures.


This project has achieved a LEED Gold rating, by utilizing structural materials which contained 65% recycled material and were locally manufactured.


This accelerated design and construction schedule for this project required close collaboration between all members of the team which included the architect, engineer,contractor, and framing sub-contractor.
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